ᐅOnline cartoon course: All about online ARTISTIC DRAWING online

Whether we draw in pencil or on graphics tablets, there are certain drawing techniques that are fundamental to becoming a professional cartoonist. By taking the right online cartoon course you can get fast results to enter the labor market.

Hazme Amarillo Academy is the best online drawing course if you want to dedicate yourself to graphic design professionally and make a living from it.

What does an online cartoon drawing course consist of?

In order to learn and be able to work making cartoons online, it is essential to be trained with courses oriented, mainly, to practice. Ideally, a cartoon drawing course should consist of a series of videos in which the basic and theoretical concepts of each topic are explained. It should also include a large number of examples so that the future professional cartoonist can find guidance and a starting point for their own designs.

Cartoon Drawing Course

Learning cartoon skills consists of acquiring drawing and cartoon-making techniques. They are very particular artistic creations that are perfected as time goes by and with the experience of each artist. 

There are many academies dedicated to the training of cartoonists, but the prices of these courses and careers may not be affordable for everyone. Therefore, one of the most budget-friendly options that can be found in the market is to purchase an online cartooning course. While it is not free training nor is it a free online cartooning course, it is the best option to start training and acquire the necessary knowledge.

Online training usually offers the student a free cartoon course in PDF format so that they can complement it with the videos and generate a better conceptual and practical integration.

What are online artistic drawing courses like?

Art is a way of expressing and transmitting ideas, emotions, thoughts. That is why taking an online artistic drawing course can be a great idea to enhance a person's artistic skills.

Artistic Drawing Courses

Learning to draw the parts of the human body using different techniques and different materials can be very entertaining and above all very profitable if you want to work with artistic drawing. 

A complete drawing course can include PDF files so that the applicant can understand theoretical concepts that are difficult to convey in a single video. 

Beginners can learn about realistic drawing by taking the drawing crash course in PDF mentioned above. 

It is important to emphasize that training should be comprehensive and contain information relating basic concepts to advanced ones. An example of a good study program might be the following:

  • Drawing in line and stroke style.
  • Design and composition of models.
  • Human figure for drawing.
  • Teaching of foreshortened human figure
  • Portraits of the semi-profile.
  • Selection of materials.
  • Draping technique.
  • Figures and backgrounds.
  • Perspective drawing.
  • Color drawing.
  • Drawing in shades of gray and black.  

Generally, comprehensive online drawing courses are not free but the great advantage is that they offer the possibility of acquiring an official certificate that accredits the knowledge of the future professional draftsman.

Is it advisable to take an online pencil cartoon drawing course?

Drawing cartoons in pencil is a very sought after discipline, especially by people who want to make fun events in which they can portray a person in the moment. 

Being able to make a cartoon in pencil of a person requires a thorough training in this subject and a lot of experience. If you want to acquire knowledge on this matter, one of the best alternatives may be to take a pencil drawing course. There is a very famous free course that contains 21 lessons. Of course, to specialize in pencil drawing it is necessary to buy courses of excellent quality oriented to practical results and also to read some books where the techniques of pencil drawing are expressed. 

How to choose a drawing course for children?

It is very important that children develop their creativity and the ability to express themselves through art. Growing up drawing is a great idea to encourage learning and at the same time have fun stimulating the imagination.

Taking online drawing classes for children has become a common activity in Madrid and around the world during the Covid-19 pandemic. For this reason, many platforms offer different class formats and courses so that children can study without having to be close to an educational center. 

Most drawing classes for beginner children consist of:

  • Knowing the working materials and how to use them, such as brushes or graphite pencils.
  • Learn about color theory to create gradients knowing primary, secondary, cool and warm colors.
  • Acquire the knowledge and techniques to draw animals, people, objects and compose them through the use of computer tools. 
  • Learn stroke techniques and concepts of depth and volume.

Can I have drawing classes at home?

Artistic drawing classes for beginners can be taken from home by simply contracting the service on a web platform that offers it. This type of service grew exponentially during the pandemic, so the offer of these courses is quite high. 

Drawing Classes at Home

You can purchase from a cartoon drawing tutorial to a step-by-step cartoon drawing course in PDF format and videos. 

It should be noted that in order to carry out these artistic activities, it is necessary to be proficient in drawing techniques that can be found for free by surfing the net.

What are the best online drawing courses? 

After a great deal of analysis, you cannot identify just the best drawing course as there are many that are excellent and meet all the requirements you need when learning. It definitely takes a lot of discipline and dedication learning to draw online, as well as making a great drawing course.

There are 3 highly recommended courses for future cartoonists and they are the ones mentioned below.

Cartoon course at Domestika.

This cartoon course at Domestika offers the possibility to learn how to make personalized live portraits with graphite. An opportunity for beginners and for the more experienced as well.

Art drawing course on Udemy.

With this training you can foster creativity and learn all the secrets and practices of the art of drawing. As it is an online course, it is important to be consistent in order to finish it. 

Online cartoonist course at Hazme Amarillo Academy.

Hazme Amarillo has a virtual teaching platform so that people who wish to dedicate themselves to making caricatures and portraits online can do so at an affordable cost. This platform offers a course in cartoons and artistic drawing. It is composed of modules with videos explaining from the basics to how to make drawings in specific styles.

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How to make cartoons of people?

Making cartoons of people is an artistic discipline that requires a lot of dedication and effort, but at the same time it is a lot of fun for both parties. This type of portrait consists of alterations to the human face and body without losing the resemblance to the person or animal portrayed.

Beginners can start making cartoons of famous and world-renowned people as there are tutorials that guide the artist through the whole process. 

Step-by-step drawing


In order to draw cartoons in step by step basis, it is important to follow some basic guidelines that every cartoonist should know:

  • A basic rule for cartoonists is that the final result must have a logical resemblance to the original photo or to the person you are cartooning live.
  • Only those aspects of the face or facial expressions that are most relevant and stand out should be exaggerated.
  • It is important to detail all these aspects and characteristics of the person in order not to forget anything during the drawing.
  • A fundamental point is that the modifications should not be exaggerated, otherwise the portrait will be unrecognizable and the client will not be completely satisfied.
  • If the cartoons look good, you can identify the person without telling them who they are. 

With an online cartooning course, you can correctly learn step-by-step to become an experienced cartoonist and caricaturist. In this way the characteristics of the cartoon style can be enhanced and the process of drawing cartoons in pencil can be improved.

How long does the drawing course last?

An online drawing course has a duration that depends on the depth of the topics developed and the level of difficulty. If you want to develop a specific style, for example, the yellow style or the cartoon style, the course will last between 30 and 40 hours approximately. On the other hand, if the course is based on conceptual learning and only general aspects, it is possible that the duration of the course will be approximately 10 hours.

How to make a cartoon with a computer?

When drawing a cartoon on the computer you can use many tools depending on the need you have and the result you want to obtain. To make a digital cartoon it is necessary to have minimum tools such as:

  • A PC or computer. It can be a notebook or desktop.
  • A mouse, keyboard and/or digital pen.
  • Specific software. If you want to make cartoons that do not have much development, you can use Adobe Photoshop or MS Paint.

In case you want to make professional or much more developed catoons, there are programs specifically designed so that you can have much better results. A list can be found here:

  1. Animator.
  2. 2D pencil.
  3. Animator of Crazy Talk.
  4. Toon Boom Harmony. 
  5. Adobe Animate CC.
  6. Adobe After Effects.
  7. TV Paint.
  8. Inkscape.
  9. Pixton.
  10. Illustrator.


We have seen that doing an online cartoon course can be one of the best decisions if you want to get into the world of cartoons and personalized portraits. Currently, it is an area that offers many job opportunities as more and more people are joining and willing to pay for the service of professional cartoonists. Training and learning to be the best version of yourself should be seen as a great investment and not an expense, that's why online cartoonist courses are exceptional, practical and very convenient.