✅Live and online cartoonists: Weddings, corporate and social events

Do you want to give a different and unique touch to your moments? Fill them with fun and creativity with a full team of live cartoonists. 

But be careful, if you are looking for cartoonists for social events you have to choose the best there is. That's why in this post we'll show you the best options to brighten up your parties with drawings and illustrations made by live cartoonists to online cartoonists.

We will discuss the pros and cons of each type of cartoonist, and the advantages of using web platforms instead.

Let’s go!

Live cartoonists: The magic of watching a cartoonist create cartoons in front of your eyes


The truth is that there is nothing like seeing something take form live. This is the great charm of the live cartoonist and one of the reasons why they are so sought after for certain events.

And if your wedding or party was already wonderful, imagine having a live cartoonist to immortalize these moments. An unforgettable experience.

While it can be great to have a live cartoonist, it can be quite expensive, which is one of the reasons why many people resort to more budget-friendly alternatives.

One of these options involves hiring an online cartoonist who specializes in making portraits from real photographs. By doing so, you don't have to spend a fortune to achieve the same results.

However, you would lose the experience of seeing a live cartoonist doing his work in real time and in front of you. But, for the rest of the cases, a cartoonist is a pretty good alternative.

Cartoonist for events: Liven up a party or meeting with an expert sketch artist

The great thing about cartoonists is that they work anywhere and in any circumstance. No matter if it's a party or a meeting, you will immediately get that fresh and cheerful atmosphere you enjoy so much.

Hiring an event cartoonist even serves to lighten the mood of a formal corporate event. 

The challenge with this type of specialist is that, as with live cartoonists, they tend to charge high rates for participating in an event.

Show cartoons: An ingenious way to liven up any show

Cartoonists for events

If you want to take your show to the next level, you might want to consider a show cartoon, which could be carried out by some live cartoonists. Nothing attracts the public more than seeing a work of art appear before their eyes.

There are also other types of show cartoons you can do, such as asking a professional cartoonist to depict iconic animated characters or legendary scenes from a famous anime series. 

Cartoons on demand: How to get your personalized cartoon?

But if all you're looking for is to have a couple of personalized cartoons at home, you're best off ordering cartoons on demand.

The best thing about on-demand cartoons is that, if they are digital like the ones Get Cartoonizer offers, you can get them wherever you are, just in time for a birthday or other holiday.

You can prepare surprises in advance by ordering cartoons on demand. Try playing with the options, hire a cartoonist, order cartoons using photographs and that's it. 

The truth is that no matter the occasion, almost everyone likes to get cartoons as gifts, especially if they are made by professional cartoonists in the style of some very famous animated series.

Professional Cartoonist:  Why hiring one?

You might be looking for a personalized cartoon-style portrait or you might be interested in jazzing up a special occasion with some art, in those cases you might want to consider hiring a professional cartoonist.

In Get Cartoonizer we are fortunate to have a team of professional cartoonists who will make the best cartoons for you, with the best prices in the market and with an unbeatable quality.

Cartoons delivered at home: The advantage of digital cartoons

Get Personalized Cartoons at Get Cartoonizer

One of the biggest advantages of hiring services such as Get Cartoonizer is that they deliver your cartoons at home in digital format. That means that no matter where you are, you will have your cartoon with you in no time. Thanks to the fact that it is a digital work, you will be able to print it in many different versions.

No matter how far away you are, you can buy your caricatures at Get Cartoonizer from anywhere. This is the great advantage of cartoons delivered at home and online.

Cartoons in New York

If you are from the United States, you are probably thinking, will these caricatures be delivered to New York? The answer is yes. Platforms like Retratoon or Get Cartoonizer can deliver cartoons for events in New York without any problem. This is the main advantage of delivering cartoons in digital format.

Cartoons in Los Angeles

If you are looking for cartoons in Los Angeles or you are seriously considering getting some cartoons on demand in Los Angeles and its surroundings, you are in luck, because at Get Cartoonizer it doesn't matter where you are, our on demand cartoons are delivered just where you want them.

Cartoons in Miami

The best thing about Get Cartoonizer is that it reaches anywhere in the world. If you dream of having your own cartoons in Miami or want to give cartoons as a gift to family and friends, there is nothing better than hiring the services of Get Cartoonizer’s professional cartoonists and let them work their magic.

How much does a wedding cartoonist cost?

Wedding cartoonist

A professional cartoonist can charge up to 350 € for two hours of work in a conventional wedding. A rather high price.

Fortunately, there are web platforms that provide the same service for a much lower price, and they don't even have to be at the wedding to provide it. Platforms like Get Cartoonizer or Hazme Amarillo can make custom cartoons by transforming the photos of a certain event.

Best of all, it will be like having your own wedding cartoonist, but at a much more affordable price and with a more comfortable service. 

Get Cartoonizer has a complete and specialized team of wedding cartoonists with competitive rates, perfect to fit the tightest budgets.

How much does it cost to hire a cartoonist?

A caricaturist can charge between 7 and 50 € for each order. So, the total cost of hiring a cartoonist will vary depending on the number of works you order. 

In any case, it is important to note that each cartoonist has a different rate depending on his experience, the quality of his work and the materials he/she uses. 

Before hiring any live cartoonist or professional cartoonist, take a look at their portfolio and check whether the cartoonists can carry out the type of work you are looking for and that their rates fit your budget.

As far as offers are concerned, few are better than those of Get Cartoonizer. If you're looking for personalized cartoons, be sure to take a look at what we have for you.