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The Simpsons is an animated cartoon, created by the brilliant mind of Matt Groening. It relates the story of a family coming from the small town of Springfield.

There is a great number of people today that do want to see a picture of themselves with a Simpson style.

What happened to Simpsonize Me?

These days, many people want to create their own avatar of The Simpsons. There are even people who would add it in their own resume or portfolio, either to stand out or to show that their job is related to the world of drawing and illustration. Several years ago, they were able to do that by using an app.

Simpsonize Me: The Burger King App

This boom started on a web page called “Simpsonize me”, launched by Burger King®, which was easy and quick to manage as well as for free. It just consisted of uploading the picture you liked the most and it created quickly a Simpson-styled avatar. However, the web page was closed when the fast food house ended the offer.

Reviews of Simpsonize me

The “Simpsonize me” app allowed you to turn yourself into a Simpson character by uploading a picture, and you could make some changes on the character if you wanted so. 

However, you could only make one single character at the time, not a grupal picture, or a picture of you with your pet, or anything like that; you could not add any custom background to your avatar, only a blank background. 

The idea of having a Springfield background or a sofa gag background makes the Simpson cartoon more fun and showy. 

Regarding the quality, although the pictures seemed like Simpson characters, their quality was not the best: they had only a few styles of clothing and hair, there were no shadows in the pictures -something quite new but looking great in the Simpson animation- and the avatar seemed old-fashioned. 

How can I get a Simpsonized cartoon for free?

The free option is no longer available, and bearing in mind the high quality of the drawings made by professionals, one of the best options of the market is hiring the service of a graphic designer.

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New options to get your personalized Simpson cartoon 

How do we create your Simpson avatar, step by step?

  1. We start drawing a sketch quickly taking into account your facial proportions.
  2. Once the sketch is done, no matter the uneven or messy lines, we make a fair copy to get a well-defined and neat design.
  3. With the picture already drawn, we only have one step left: painting the cartoon, considering your skin and clothes color.
  4. And the last step is drawing a few shadows to highlight the cartoon, and that’s all! We get your Simpson-styled cartoon.

Why is Get Cartoonizer the best option to simpsonize me?

What stands out the most in a cartoon on Get Cartoonizer is the great quality in the details used in this kind of cartoons as in, for example, the ears, the eyes, among other characteristics. But the most important thing in a simpsonized cartoon is the very well-known yellow color, as this is related to the Simpson style.

If you want to simpsonize yourself and not to think in graphic designing or learning new software, we offer you to enter our web page, upload your image to simpsonize and pay a fair price to do all the job, varying depending on the number of people to turn into a cartoon.

Visit our web page to keep informed and carry out the purchase of your own cartoon with a Simpson style.

You will find the following prices on our store:

✔️ 1 to 2 people w/ custom background from $USD25.

✔️ 3 to 4 people w/ custom background from $USD35.

✔️ 5 to 7 people w/ custom background from $USD50.

Once the steps and the payment have been carried out correctly, they can start your Simpson cartoon. It will be easier than you think and you will also get a great result.

How to simpsonize yourself easily?

There are several ways to make a Simpson cartoon. It may vary the styles, methods and speed to get a good Simpson cartoon. In this article we will explain more detailed how to simpsonize someone based on our knowledge and methods to work.

As we know, at the very beginning the Simpsons were created totally by hand scene by scene. But today, with the advancement of technology, they are created completely digitally, as it is one of the neatest and quickest ways to work with this kind of cartoon, due to their well-defined lines to draw and with very geometrical forms. 

This makes the digital media the best form to make an online cartoon today. By working with a pen tablet or an iPad, one can use programs such as Photoshop, Illustrator or Procreate, and we even dare to say that one can do it just using Paint. It would be rather complicated and we could not get a good final result, though.

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Simpsonize me alternatives: How to draw yourself as a simpsons character?

I want to simpsonize me on my own, how can I make it?

Believe it or not, we will give you our magic formula. Why? Because we know we are the best ones doing this, and this is a skilled work that, if brought to a professional level, will take a lot of work. Our service consists in saving that trouble, but if you want to do it on your own, we cannot stop you.

Step 1

To make a Simpson cartoon, first we make a quick sketch paying attention to the form of the face, where the eyes, nose, ears, etc. are and adding the Simpson touch up. As their eyes are round and bulging, a Simpson cartoon is quite simple to do, it does not consist of many details, excepting the shadows.

Step 2

Once the final sketch is done (no matter if some lines are not well-defined), we continue with recopying clearly those lines. We can do it by using Illustrator with the “pen” tool (with this method, the work will be easy and super neat), or doing by hand with the brush tool of Photoshop, of course using a pen tablet.

If you have an iPad, you can also use Procreate (these methods are made totally freehand, so it requires good lines and a steady hand). In this app you can do all the job right there, as it is a broader app and its use is much better than other apps.

Step 3

Once we get a well-defined drawing, we proceed to paint it piece by piece: the clothes, hair, face, until painting it completely. When you get all the whole drawing painted, we could consider it finished, as it would be well made. 

But in order to have more details and to stand out the figure, we could add a few shadows to the cartoon: on the face, clothes, some details in the hair’s shadows, for the drawing to get a good composition and to highlight more with the background.

When the shadows are done, we will have finished our Simpson cartoon. At the beginning it may result in a tedious and hard process, but it is a question of practicing to improve and to get good final results. It depends on the effort put by oneself.

Simpsonize me this 2021 in Get Cartoonizer!

Our end is to ensure that you do not have to learn how to use these design programs and to make a lovely present to your family. You can use the background you like the most, the size, the number of people and whatever you prefer because we bear all this in mind once you order the work to do.

Our goal is to ensure the best cartoon job possible for you to get back whenever you want!

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