ᐅWhat is SHINOBI and KUNOICHI in Naruto? - Meaning and Ninja Ranks

If you are a lover of Naruto or you are just starting to watch this amazing anime, you are surely wondering what shinobi and kunoichi are, two of the terms that are most repeated throughout the anime series.

Naruto Shinobi y Kunoichi

In this post we will show you what is a shinobi and a kunoichi in Naruto, their roles in the ninja world and the places where they train and live.

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What is a shinobi in Naruto?

The meaning of shinobi in Naruto is ninja. 

In the world of Naruto, they represent the military power of each nation. They escort and protect powerful leaders or merchants who can afford their services and defend the interests of their village and nation.

Kunoichi in Naruto: Meaning

In Naruto kunoichi simply means "female ninja": it is the term used when talking about female practitioners of ninpo (or ninja techniques).

Who is the strongest kunoichi in Naruto?

The strongest kunoichi in Naruto is Kaguya. 

Her scale of power, however, complicates his classification, for she is above all a deity: the mother of chakra, the energy with which Naruto ninjas perform their incredible techniques.

Which are the ninja ranks in Naruto?

As in any military corps, there is a shinobi hierarchy system that organizes ninja according to their ability. 

These are the ninja ranks in Naruto:

Academy Students

They are the aspiring shinobi and kunoichi, that is, children who are trained in an institution very similar to a conventional school where they are taught the basics of ninjutsu.


Genin means "lower level ninja” and represents the lowest rank in the shinobi hierarchy system. They are usually ninjas who are still in training.


The chūnin are "intermediate level ninja", the foot soldiers of the Naruto world, those who carry out C and B rank missions, somewhat more complicated than those taken on by the genin.

Every genin can become a chūnin if he passes the appropriate examinations, which are held at least twice a year.


Jōnin means "high level ninja". They represent the highest level of specialization in the shinobi hierarchy system, second only to the five kage.

In order to be a jōnin, the ninja must have a high level of chakra control, with unique specializations, or mastery of at least two chakra natures.

They usually perform missions with high level ninjas, or with low level ninjas (genin) to train them. 


The kage are the pinnacle of ninja skill and thus head the hierarchy of shinobi. They operate as leaders of the ninja village and direct those living there. They assign missions, organize the defenses of their village borders and much more.

What is the highest rank in Naruto?

The highest rank in Naruto is Kage, which is a title held by the village leader. They are generally considered the most skilled and powerful ninja of their respective villages, and possibly of their time.

Difference between ninja and shinobi

The essential difference between the two terms is that a ninja is only a user of ninjutsu; while a shinobi assumes ninjutsu as a way of life.

Shinobi: Hidden Villages

In the world of Naruto, ninjas live and train in Hidden Villages. These are the main ones in the story:

Hidden Leaf Village

Vila Oculta da Folha

The Hidden Leaf Village is the most powerful of the hidden villages. Their leader is known as the Hokage. It was the first of all the villages to be founded.

Interestingly, the entrance to Konoha village has a large hiragana painted on it, which means "shrine".

Hidden Cloud Village

The Hidden Cloud Village is the second most powerful village after Konoha. Its leader is called Raikage. The ninjas of this village specialize in techniques related to the lightning element, which gives them unsurpassed speed.

Hidden Rock Village

One of the most warlike villages, its leader is the Tsuchikage. It is the only village with a kekkei tota, an even more powerful and refined manifestation of the kekkei genkai.

Hidden Mist Village

This village specializes in techniques related to stealth and the use of water. It is recognized for being the home of the 7 swordsmen of the fog and its leader is the Mizukage.

At one point it was known as the Village of the Bloody Mist, mostly because of the cruel examinations it subjected its ninja trainees to.

Hidden Sand Village

The Hidden Sand Village is one of the weakest in the ninja world, however, despite this, they invented their own techniques such as puppetry. Its leader is the Kazekage.

It is believed to be the place of origin of One Tale, Shukaku, which was born from the cursed spirit of a monk locked in a teapot.

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Now you know what shinobi and kunoichi are, the hidden villages in which they train and live, and the ranks they can reach with a lot of training and accomplishing risky missions. 

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