The 3 best ORIGINAL HALLOWEEN gifts for The Simpsons fans

Halloween is one of the most striking and expected times of the year, when everything that surrounds us takes on a "terrifying" theme. Movie theaters and TV channels honor the month and Halloween with their movies for all those horror lovers.

The Simpson's Halloween Special

During this time of the year, people buy a lot of products for home decoration or gift giving. According to data collected from the National Retail Federation annual survey, Halloween sales are estimated to reach $102.74 dollars per person this 2024. Undoubtedly this is one of the most important seasons of the year.

Of course, the Simpsons style Halloween gifts could not be missing from the list and that's why we will show you 3 Original Simpsons Gifts for this time of the year.

Halloween Funko Pop

Funko Pop is a very well-known brand all over the world. Their well-known collectibles have a particular aspect that makes them stand out from the rest, that is, small body and big head. 

Characters from the most popular movies and series have a Funko Pop of their own. The Simpsons are not the exception to the rule: they have their own Halloween special called “Treehouse of Horror”. This makes it an interesting gift for any Simpsons lover who wants to collect this Funko Pop edition, which features many characters based on the yellow family special.

Funko Pop Ned Devil

You can find the “Treehouse of Horror” Funko Pop collectibles on Amazon. 

Personalized cartoon

This is one of the most original gifts, and it consists of choosing a photo and turning it into a Simpson cartoon in a Halloween version. This is made by a professional digitally and sent by email.

People often use these portraits to turn them into a decorative frame for their home or for the office. What makes these cartoons interesting is that you can get creative with them, and besides using the portraits for decoration, you can turn them into a t-shirt, a mug, among other things.

Halloween Get Cartoonizer

You can get the cartoons featuring this style at, a company that specializes in these services.


A mug is yet another interesting gift that you can make for this time of the year and that can be used every morning to start the day. A "scary" Simpsons mug is another nice and original gift as it is good value for money, easy to choose and loved by all.

Mugs in this style can also be found on Amazon.

The Simpsons Halloween Mug
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