Become a Simpsons Character: 5 Apps like Toon Me to make cartoons

Creating a Simpsons cartoon is very simple, and there are different methods and some Apps to become a Simpsons character for free. Turning yourself or other people close to you into cartoons is usually a very particular experience and a gift that stands out from others.

Simpsonize yourself using the alternatives listed in this article and surprise your relatives or coworkers with an original gift.

How to turn yourself into one of the Simpsons characters?

If you wish to Simpsonize your picture, the best way to go is to look for those services offered by designers specialized in The Simpsons-like portraits. In this way, quality will not be a problem since they work on demand and take the necessary time to get everything right, emphasizing the details to make your cartoon different from the rest. 

Many apps offer to make your face look like a Simpsons character for free, but unfortunately the results are usually not the best and the process ends with the user's disappointment. 

For this reason, the service for creating your Simpsons character is not usually found for free unless you want the result to satisfy the needs of each person and to be of a high level of quality.

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How to turn a photo into a Simpsons cartoon?

As we mentioned at the beginning of the article, making a cartoon of The Simpsons based on a photo is a very simple procedure that only consists of three steps and can be carried out in Get Cartoonizer. A professional and specialized designer will receive your photo and start the process. The steps are as follows: 

Step 1: Upload your photo to the Get Cartoonizer system:

The photos can be of yourself, with friends, with your family or with your pet. In other words, the options are unlimited and professional cartoonists will carry out an excellent quality job and adapt to the needs and requirements of each person.

The prices vary depending on the number of people in the picture and the accessories desired, as well as the time of realization since it is a handcrafted work with a high level of detail.

Step 2: Select the background for your cartoon

Choosing a suitable background is very important to match with your cartoon, as we can say that is the essence of the portrait. The options are unlimited as you can upload a photo with a custom background to simpsonize it. In Get Cartoonizer there are some characteristic backgrounds of The Simpsons, such as: 

  • Springfield.
  • Moe's Tavern.
  • The House in Evergreen Terrace.
  • The Couch Gag.
  • The Beach.

Also, there are preset backgrounds for special themes such as:

  • Valentine's Day.
  • New Year.
  • Christmas.

Step 3: Receive an email with your finished cartoon.

After purchasing the service, where the specifications and details are sent to a professional designer, simply wait a few days. These days will depend on the complexity of each project. When the cartoon is ready, you will receive an email with your personalized Simpsons photo. 

Simpsons Generator 2021: Simpsonize yourself online

A few years ago, Burger King launched an app called Simpsonize Me whose aim was to promote The Simpsons: The Movie. Unfortunately, it was soon removed from the market and many fans who wished to have their Simpsons portrait were unable to do so. It should be noted that Simpsonize Me was for free during the time it was on the market. 

As the series does not go out of fashion, Simpsonizing a photo is an activity that is booming during the year 2021 and it is estimated that this will also be the case in 2022. For this reason, you can get ahead of next year's trends and order a personalized cartoon designed and made by specialists.

Become a Simpsons character: Which Apps can I use to become a Simpsons character for free?

In the app stores like the Play Store or App Store, you can find some alternatives to become a Simpsons character for free, but unfortunately, the results are not of a great quality as we will see below in some comparisons. 

The Cartoonizer app

The best alternative in the year 2021 is Get Cartoonizer and it is estimated that it will also be so in the year 2022. You can download them on the Play Store or you can visit the website to purchase the service. 


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ToonMe is another app that can be used to create a Simpsons cartoon. The result with ToonMe is not the best esthetically speaking, even more so if we compare it with the results of Get Cartoonizer. Here we can see an enormous difference in the quality of the work. In the image on the right, you can see the design made by a professional cartoonist of Get Cartoonizer. In the center of the picture, you can also see the ToonMe result for the same photo.

On the other hand, ToonMe cannot create group photos, nor can the background be Simpsonized. It is only used to simpsonize the face of one person at a time. Pets and accessories, such as vehicles, may not be included.

Voilá Al Artist

Voilá is a new App that transforms photos into cartoons using artificial intelligence. The results are not that bad in comparison with other apps but very inferior when compared to designs made by professional and specialized cartoonists. 

People on social media often use Voilá to transform their photo into a 3D cartoon and so far, no security problems have been detected.


It is an app currently available on Google Play, which allows you to become a Simpsons style character. That is, make your own avatar painted yellow, except that it is not possible to differentiate whether it is a Simpsons character or a cartoon painted yellow. It is worth mentioning that in Dolltoon not all features are available in the free version but it is relatively easy to use.


With BeFunky you can edit photos and transform them into a Simpsons character. You can create different types of collages with many photos, apply a wide variety of effects, among other features. However, in order to create a Simpsons cartoon with BeFunky , you must have a lot of skill and practice and even then the results will not be the same as if you buy a cartoon made by a professional.   

What are the advantages of making a Simpsons cartoon?

Making an original gift is a detail that can be remembered and appreciated by the people close to you. Whenever a special date arrives, such as a birthday or anniversary, it is very difficult to choose an original gift. Luckily, giving a Simpsons-style cartoon as a gift is a versatile alternative that can be adapted to any situation or event, which is one of the main advantages of this service. 

On the other hand, one of the benefits is that a Simpsons cartoon always brings about great joy both in the person giving the gift and the one who receives it. These portraits can be printed and framed to decorate a room in your home for example.

The professional cartoonists of Get Cartoonizer use different tools and computer programs, like Photoshop, to carry out their work.

Another advantage is that a Simpsons cartoon is cheaper if compared to other types of personalized gifts, and it increases its demand on special dates such as Christmas or Valentine's Day.

What is the name of the program used to edit photos as cartoons?

There are several programs to edit photos as cartoons, but one of the best is ToonApp as it offers the possibility to use multiple filters and create cartoonized photos. You can add some colored backgrounds and get a relatively good result if you are patient and creative enough. In addition, you can easily share your creations on social media. 

How to create a Simpsons avatar?

Different apps can be used to create a Simpsons avatar. Some of them, such as Dolltoon, allow you to make a yellow painted avatar without much definition or detail. On the other hand, Simpsons Maker App is an alternative with a higher level of options that can provide very good results if you are looking for a regular quality Simpsons avatar.

How can I make a cartoon of my photo?

To make a cartoon from a photo, you can use a specific App for this purpose or hire the service of specialized designers and cartoonists. In Get Cartoonizer, there is a team of professionals who are dedicated to carry out the cartoonization of photos and turn them into Simpson portraits, so if you choose this alternative, the quality is guaranteed.

How to make a Simpsons photo for free?

Making a Simpsons photo for free is not difficult at all as there are different types of mobile apps to choose from, such as ToonMe, but don’t expect the quality of the photo to be high because they are made in a standardized way using artificial intelligence. What stands out from these types of apps is that the process only takes a couple of minutes, yet the final result is of a low quality.

How to make a cartoon with a computer?

In general terms, a computer is much more powerful than a cell phone and that is why with personal computers it is possible to create cartoons with a much higher level of detail using specific programs for photo editing such as Adobe Illustrator or Adobe Photoshop. 

To carry out this type of job on the computer you must have patience, creativity and, above all, a great desire to learn new strategies related to graphic design. 


Throughout the article we have analyzed the different alternatives to transform a photo into a cartoon. There are many different options depending on the desired quality and the type of device with which you want to perform the cartoonization, but we can conclude that if you want a Simpsons portrait of excellent quality, the best alternative is to hire the service of a professional cartoonist specialized in the subject. The process may take longer when using an app but the results will be of the highest quality possible.

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