Simpsonize me free: Where to upload my photos to become a Simpson?

Simpsonize Me: Options in 2021

Making a Simpson character may seem easy. But if we want a professional cartoon, we must either learn how to make it or directly pay for it to a graphic designer.

Graphic designers rely on photos to take the basic lines of a person and thus capture their essence. In ancient times this was done with live models. Nowadays, you only need to have a photo.

There are different websites or apps where you can become a character from the Simpsons for free. Many of those sites often use a random generator system to create a cartoon of the Simpsons.

simpsonize me

But, we already have our graphic designers and you only have to upload your photos

One of those pages is 💛

How to become a character of The Simpsons? 

 As you can see in this image, it is not an easy task to make a personalized cartoon. To do this, designers use a tablet that digitizes the image you just uploaded.

 Step 1: Hand drawing the first sketch


Become a Simpsons Character

 Step 2: Digitizing the sketch

Become a Simpsons CharacterStep 3: Digital coloring

Become a Simpsons Character

This process is carried out by the designers of our website who can make a Simpson character. This fund corresponds to one of the most requested funds by the public and is called "Springfield".

Simpsonize Me: Where to upload the images to get a caricature?

The first step to becoming a Simpson character is to load the image you want to cartoonize and select any detail you want in your drawing. To do it, go to the webpage of

Orders usually take 5 to 7 business days depending on demand. The yellow cartoons are made by hand and this is why they take time to deliver the order.


You only need to enter the following link and upload your photo to start. 

We await your order 💛 (Click Here)