Dolltoon: what is it? How to create and avatar and download APK

Dolltoon: cartoon creator online

Dolltoon is an app that allows you to create personalized avatars and drawings as you want, and for whoever you want. You can choose how to draw and design the shape and form of the face of your cartoon, their body, hairstyle, clothing, etc.

This app is available in the platforms of Play Store of Android as well as in the App Store of Apple.

The app of Dolltoon counts with more that 100K in the Play Store. Regarding the download size, it goes between 37mb and 45mb, depending on where, when and how you download it.

Dolltoon cartoon creator

Creating an avatar in this app is quite easy to do. With just a few and simple steps, in a few minutes you will get your cartoon ready and in the way you want. Once you download this app, what you have to do is:

1. Choose the option “create new character”: When you open the app, you will get a grey coloured icon with the symbol “+”. Select or click on that icon.

2. Select the model you like the most: In this section, there are different designs and figures as guides to draw. Choose whatever you want. They are categorized into colours. The blue color is to get a male character, the pink for a female character.

3. Choose the skin color: In this case, you can choose the skin color you prefer or need. You just click on the button with colours and slide your finger to see how the skin tone of your character changes.

4. Choose the hairstyle: Here is when the fun begins. You will find several hairstyles for your cartoon. However, some of them are blocked or not available. If you want to unblock them, you have to get the Premium version of Dolltoon. Once you choose the haircut or style, you can also change the colour of the hair. 

5. Eyes and eyebrows: The app is in fact fun, but sometimes you have to make difficult decisions. Here you will find a lot of styles and colors for the eyes of your character. So take it easy and have fun. You can also pick the style of eyebrows that you like the most or find more accurate for your avatar.

6. Details and accessories are also great: As Dolltoon is quite complete to create different avatars, you can also look for and add accessories for your character. Glasses, sunglasses, hats, beards, among many others.

7. Noses to choose: there are also many styles of noses. From the most common to the most extravagant. Your character may look unique or have similarities to other cartoons.  

8. Now pick the mouth you like the most: of course, you cannot forget about the mouth and, of course, Dolltoon have several options and styles for you to choose. Some mouths are simple, some others are really funny. You decide how to do it.

9. Choose your favourite outfit: In dolltoon you can also pick the clothes you prefer, between lots of options. The good part of it is that you can also change the color of the clothes. Once you get the outfit, go to the button with the color wheel and slide to see which is your favourite combination of colors.

10. The background: Finally, this is the last step to get your personalized cartoon. You just only have to choose the ideal background for your avatar. There several options for you to choose as well.

Once you get all these steps, you can share your avatar to your friends or on social media. Enjoy it!

If you want to get all the available options to edit your cartoon, you have to pay the Premium version. But you can also get the Premium version for free. We will mention this in a moment.

As we already said, Dolltoon is a very complete app to create different kinds of avatars. If you go Premium, you will get lots of options to keep editing characters, with different styles like the Simpson style, for example.

Dolltoon Premium APK

Besides paying the Premium version of Dolltoon to get all the options, accessories and characteristics for your avatar, there is another way to get all these available and without paying anything. This is thanks to the APK downloading.

What is APK?

Basically, APK (Android Package) is an alternative platform of Play Store to download certain apps through files that are on web pages. In general, for most of the (Android) apps there is an APK, in which you can find out the PREMIUM VERSION of Dolltoon for free.

Download APK Dolltoon

There are several and different pages in which you may find them. One of the pages in which you can get the APK to use Dolltoon is APKFab. Another good option is APKsFULL to find and download Dolltoon and a third option for you is APK Support.

How to download Dolltoon in APK

Unlike the normal way to download an app on the Play Store of Google, the downloading of an app through APK is different. Yet, it is still quite easy to do and just in a few minutes. Follow these steps to download Dolltoon in APK:

1 - Choose the page: the three apps mentioned before are the most reliable to download APK files. We recommend you choose any of these three. Here we gave you the link that redirects you to the app, ready to download, and select the option to do it. 

2 - Look for the download files: Once downloaded the app, what you have to do next is to look for the files on your device, in the folder “downloads”. There you get your APK file for you to convert it into an app.

3 - Select the file, click the “download” option and that is all. You already get your app ready to use. 

The APKs count with two downloading files. One of them is the file downloaded from the web to the cellphone. The other one is the conversion of this file into an app.

In case an error message appears, what you have to do is go to the settings of your phone. Go to “settings” >> “advanced settings” >> “Security” >> turn on the option “Apps from unknown source”.

Once you turn on this option, go again to the downloaded files sections in your phone and select once again the APK file. You will not have any problem downloading the Dolltoon app, and you can use it as much as you want to create original and funny avatars.

Dolltoon Premium APK: Security Advice

Once you have downloaded the Dolltoon app completely, check if it works properly. Then, we recommend you go again to the “security” section and turn off the option “apps from unknown source” to keep your phone safe.

The Dolltoon app in APK is free of risk, do not worry about this. But if you let this option on, your phone may be vulnerable to threats in case you visit other unknown web pages or sources.

Download Dolltoon Premium APK: what is new in the Premium version?

Dolltoon Premium, unlike the standard version, counts with lots of more accessories and options to edit and improve your cartoon or avatar. They are all unblocked and ready to use as much as you want and in the way you more prefer.

Also, you will get available predesigns of animated cartoons. Some of them are very well-known: the Simpsons, Rick and Morty, among others. Besides, in the Premium version you have also available many backgrounds for you to pick and to innovate your original avatar.

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