Online Course in DIGITAL Illustration: Alternatives to become a PROFESSIONAL Illustrator.

A course in Digital Illustration can help complement the training of an Illustration degree. Professional illustrators or beginners who are proficient in digital illustration can pour their ideas into designs through visual language using innovative techniques and different drawing styles.

How is a digital illustration course made up of?

Digital illustration courses are so comprehensive that they offer specialized training for each type of job. Therefore, the content varies depending on the purpose of each course. In any case, most of them share training in traditional techniques of illustration, the concepts in artistic theory and the use of computer tools to enhance all types of works. 

Digital Illustration

With the digital illustration courses, we seek to encourage the generation of a visual language of each illustrator by providing support with videos divided into different modules and PDF files.  

Where to study Illustration?

Currently there are platforms in charge of providing academic training related to illustration courses. Courses can be taken at Doméstika, Udemy or Get Cartoonizer. 

Anyway, if you want to seek a university degree in digital illustration, you can go to a Fine Arts University in your city; however, this type of degree generally takes 4 years to graduate.

The job opportunities having a digital illustration degree or courses are many and in the following list you can find some options:

  • Advertising.
  • Comic book illustrator.
  • Editorial projects.
  • Textbook draftsman.
  • 3D Creator.
  • Animated character design.
  • Background designer.
  • Concept Art.
  • Scientific illustration.

Where can I take online illustration courses with certification? 

On the Internet you can find many online courses specialized in illustration, but some of the most recommended during 2021 and 2022 are found at Doméstika. This platform offers illustration courses, which although not free, are very accessible to all those who wish to train as illustrators. 

This platform offers certificates of course-completion and this adds up to your resume when you are job-hunting. It is important to check whether the course you are taking offers this certificate, as these are more expensive than the others.

Are there any illustration courses for children?  

Encouraging children's creativity from a very young age is very important for their intellectual development. Through a children's illustration course and/or for beginners, children can make illustrated albums, Adobe designs, images for books or simply let their imagination run wild and create works of art. 

Illustration courses for children

There are many courses specialized in illustration for children and some of them are free for them to start sailing in the world of illustration. A course for children's illustration that is marketed very well belongs to the Crehana platform. It is called "Children's Illustration Course: Creating Pages and Bullets" and only basic tools are needed to take it.  

Which illustration courses can I take in Los Angeles?

In Los Angeles, there is a quite high offering of illustration courses. One of the most recognized, in classroom format, is the one taught at the Art Center of Design. On the other hand, if you wish to take a course for children, you can also attend to the Community School of Music and & Arts.

You can take digital illustration courses in LA remotely at Doméstika or Crehana.

Where can I take an illustration course in New York?

People living in New York can take digital illustration courses in different training centers. One of the most important places in this city is at the School of Visual Arts. It offers classroom and blended training in design and illustration.

On the other hand, New York residents can take illustration courses at the Pratt Institute, where they can find one year courses that aim to promote artistic discipline and talent enhancement.

Can I take an illustration course in Miami?

In Miami there is not as much offer of illustration courses as in other cities in the US, but it has some very important and convenient artistic training centers due to the good quality of its professionals. One of the academies that offers drawing, illustration and painting classes is the Ringling College of Art & Design. There you can find in-person, online and even outdoor classes.

Where to study digital illustration in Australia?

Chileans can study illustration in many parts of the country. For example, at UniSA you can study digital illustration and get a BA in Graphic Design and Animation. This institute in particular offers many scholarships so that people can access training without having to worry so much about how much it costs to study illustration in Australia. 

Another place where you can take illustration courses in Australia at the University of South Australia, which offers training in the world of comics and graphic design through classes, exhibitions, events and digital workshops.

Where can I study illustration in Canada? 

One of the best options in Canada is to study digital illustration at Sheridan College, Ontario. Within this university, the School of Arts and Design offers a degree in Graphics and Illustration. This is the ideal career if you are looking for a comprehensive link between photography and illustration to depict and represent in a practical way all your artistic knowledge.

Where can I study illustration in Ireland?

In Ireland there are several alternatives to study illustration but they mainly concentrate in Dublin and Belfast. 

  • Illustration degree in Dublin: in this city you can study illustration and graphic design at the Dun Laoghaire Institute Of Art Design. It is also possible to obtain a Postgraduate Degree in Illustration at the University College Cork.
  • Illustration careers in Belfast: in this city you can get a Bachelor of Arts degree with which you will be trained in everything in the realm of illustration. On the other hand, if you only get specific training, you can enroll in OCA, where a freehand illustration course is taught.   

How to start making illustrations?

To start making illustrations it is important to take into account the advice of experienced illustrators. Here is a list of the 6 best tips to start making illustrations with the right foot:

  1. Create an online portfolio.
  2. Design business cards.
  3. Participate in training events.
  4. Create social networks and contact networks.
  5. Feel free to make art flow.
  6. Learn how to charge for your work.

What does it take to be a good illustrator? 

In order to excel at illustrating it is necessary to have some of the following characteristics and skills:

  1. Be very detailed.
  2. Have a sense of volume, shape and color.
  3. Possess excellent research skills.
  4. Develop imagination and creativity.
  5. Know how to use different drawing techniques.
  6. Have good drawing skills.

How much does an illustrator get paid?

Illustrator fees vary depending on factors such as the experience of the professional. An illustrator who works as a hobbyist can charge approximately 500 € and one who does it professionally can charge up to 1500 €.

What tools does an illustrator use?

The tools used by a professional illustrator depend on the job itself. If the work is carried out digitally, a tablet with an electronic pen can be used. It can also be illustrated on a computer working with a mouse. 

If the work is done manually, the tools used can be drawing pencils, paper, brushes, watercolors, drawing tables, among others.

Tools of an illustrator


Digital illustration is a fundamental discipline within the audiovisual academic context. Illustration is present from the creation of an animated film to the concept art of games. For this reason, given its importance, it is relevant to take an illustration course according to the needs of today's market. 

In order to be a good draftsman, it is essential to have the appropriate and necessary training. Taking an online digital illustration course is one of the best decisions a person who wants to succeed in the world of illustration can make. As we have seen, there are many options that adapt to each person and this makes it very easy to find the right training. All you have to do is get ready and start.

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