Personalized Anime Portraits: Options to make yours now

The popularity of anime has grown so much in recent years that the number of fans around the world has noticeably increased both in social media and at conferences, where many go dressed up as the characters of their favorite manga.

What has caught the most attention in recent times has been the remarkable increase in the demand for personalized portraits of anime. My Hero Academy, One Piece, Attack on Titan's are some of the many series that are made in custom portrait orders.

Personalized anime portrait

Personalized anime portraits were very requested last year and it’s one of the most requested gifts for anime-loving couples. All couples alike have been impressed by the results of a cartoon portrait with their photos.

Most popular anime gifts

There are several recognized names in this list that you surely know if you are a fan of Japanese cartoons; among them there are animated series that have become a staple in the childhood of many people. That’s why the number of order placements is quite high.

Dragon Ball

Heading the list of the most requested anime series to make a personalized portrait is Dragon Ball. For many people, it was probably the first anime to have won the hearts of the audience since 1986 with little Goku. Until today in 2021, new episodes of the manga are still coming out and will soon be released on television.


As you can see, several years and generations were entrenched with the story of the beloved Goku, which is why he is one of the most requested cartoons to customize in a portrait.

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Naruto is another of the most requested cartoons by anime lovers and especially fans of this series. Since its release in 2001, it has had a great impact on the audience and a huge league of fans has been created.

Naruto is a young ninja whose dream is to become the most powerful ninja in his village, although that is not easy to achieve. Taking into account the sagas of Naruto and Naruto Shippuden there are approximately 700 episodes. Those who have watched all their episodes have fallen in love with the series because the adventures of the young ninja are so well created. Many people cried watching the series but then felt quite motivated, because the series always has indirect messages that conquer the heart of the audience.

The reason why many fans want a custom portrait of this series is very obvious: the Naruto audience is in love with the series and they want to be a part of it somehow.

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Pokémon have conquered everyone's heart since it aired. The adventures of Ash and Pikachu have become so popular over the years that the fans have felt the need to buy the products of this series, and personalized portraits based on the series are no exception. Among anime couple portraits, Pokémon portraits are one of the most requested.


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One Piece

Probably, in this part of the world, One Piece is not as popular as Naruto, Dragon Ball Z or Pokémon, but the truth is that this is one of the best-known anime in Japan, not only because it is the longest running anime, but also because the number of manga publications has surpassed 1000 and it has more than 900 episodes.

The fans who have seen all its episodes or have read the manga consider this anime series to be the best in the history of anime. Its plot is so well done and interrelated, meaning that you can relate things from episode 800 with episode 100. Just like Naruto, this series casts many feelings upon its audience, like motivation, sadness, joy, and the like.

That is why fans who fall in love with this series seek to somehow become part of the world of pirates and Luffy's adventures in One Piece.

My Hero Academy

This series is not as old as the others previously mentioned, but the popularity that this series has generated in just a few years is something to be considered. It is worth noting that the fandom is requesting personalized digital portraits.

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