Personalized Naruto Portraits: How to turn into an Uzumaki-style Ninja

Naruto is one of the most popular anime series in history. It aired in 2001 and until today, in 2021, Naruto is currently on air with the saga of Boruto. This anime is so popular among viewers owing to the great plot it has: the adventures of the young ninja and his goal to become a Hokage while fighting many enemies in his way.

Its plot is so well done that viewers are delighted with all of the Naruto sagas. At present, it is one of the most popular series in the history of anime and over the years have released movies, video games and various products on the market that were of great success within its fandom. Among the most purchased products by loyal fans of the series are the digital custom portraits.

The most-chosen characters to become personalized cartoons

Both good and evil characters have appeared throughout the series, catching the attention of their fans. Of course, the main character could not be skipped from our list, and for those who have not yet seen it, watch out that a spoiler is on its way.

Naruto Uzumaki

The main character of the series, the little boy who dreams of becoming the most powerful ninja in the village, is the one who stands out in our list of course. What he has proven throughout the series is that he does everything he can to save his friends, and he doesn’t leave them behind on his way to achieve his goal. The message that Naruto gives to the fans of the series is "Never give up, make your dreams come true"; the viewers of the series quickly received this message and soon rushed to turn a picture of themselves in a cartoon Naruto style.

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Sasuke Uchiha

The life of Naruto's partner has been hard, and his goal to become the most powerful Ninja to seek revenge in order to release himself from all that anguish. He manages to get driven off from Naruto but the truth is that the main character of the series does not give up so easily, so he seeks to get his friend back and get him out of that anguish. Throughout the series, Sasuke becomes very powerful and his unique personality catches the attention of viewers who also seek to turn his personalized portrait into the style of Uchiha.

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Itachi Uchiha

Sasuke's older brother is probably the most popular character of the series. Many fans consider him to be the most popular character along with Naruto because of their background story and personality. This character has one of the most interesting stories of the entire series: at first, he is considered one of the bad guys but as the episodes go by the other characters realize that’s not quite right. However, he does unimaginable acts in order to protect his younger brother and that is why he has won the hearts of the audience in a surprising way. 

This character wears one of the most popular outfits of the series. It is an all-timer for fans, and you can see the outfit sported in conferences, events or fan-dedicated stores. We are talking about the unique black attire with red clouds that belongs to the organization Itachi is located in.

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Personalized portraits 

These personalized portraits are made with photos that are sent by fans to a professional designer digitally, so that the client, after getting his cartoon, can turn it into a product on his own. They can use the portrait as a gift, a personalized mug, a t-shirt, but the options are endless.

With Get Cartoonizer you can turn a portrait into a Naruto-style very easily. We design professionally personalized cartoons of our customers, with excellent service and quick delivery times. The delivery time is set before purchase and the overall purchasing process is very easy.

Once you enter the Get Cartoonizer page, go to the styles section and there you will find different styles you can choose from, such as the ninja style based on the well-known anime series. After selecting the style you want, you will see a simple ordering process in which you will have to choose whether you want a custom anime ninja portrait shoulders up or full body. Then, you have to choose the background and upload the photo to cartoonize it with the style you want. If you want, you can add some indications for the designer. Finally, provide an email to which your image will be sent once finished. It just takes a couple of seconds to place your order, and in a few days, you will receive your personalized cartoon.

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