Portraits of Pokemon: Become a personalized Pokemon cartoon

Pokemon is one of the most popular series on television, and with its new seasons and new Pokemons, it has become a staple in more than two generations.

So popular has it become that all the movies that have been released were widely watched by its fans around the world. The series has released different video games in the history of game consoles, all of them very popular even until today. Also, the Pokemon products that have been released in the market have had a great number of sales.

Personalized Pokemon Cartoons

Recently, the new trend with Pokemon products has been custom cartoons, and fans of the series are looking for professionals to make a custom design cartoon based on a photo of them.


Custom cartoons based on well-known animated series are becoming more and more popular nowadays, and Pokemon is no exception. There are great cartoon design services like Get Cartoonizer: an online service specialized in turning photos into Pokemon-style custom cartoons.

Become a Pokémon cartoon with Get Cartoonizer

The ordering process in Get Cartoonizer is very simple: go to the home page, then to the “styles” section, and once you’re there select and order the style of the cartoon you like.

Select the style you like and then, in less than a minute, you will have successfully placed your order. You only have to choose the format of the photo (if it is full body or shoulders up) and the background you like; it can be a default or customized background. Upload the photo you want to cartoonize and, if you need to, you can leave any indication to our designer.

The reason why Get Cartoonizer is one of the best personalized cartoon services is because we guarantee the customer an authentic professional service. However, it isn’t only the best for the quality of the results, but for its quick delivery time and the top-notch customer service it offers.


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Best Pokémon gifts

Being such a popular series and so well known around the world, Pokemon has become an excellent gift option because of its attractive products. A clear example are the plush toys of Pikachu, the main Pokémon of the series that has won the hearts of many.

If you are looking for a Pokemon gift for your partner, family member or loved one, we will show you different alternatives that are very good options for you to give as a gift.

Funko Pop

Surely you already know them visually as they are found in many toy stores. Funko Pop popularity comes from the collection of characters from well-known movies and series, and among the different collections released, Pokemon is one of them.


Funko Pop features a collection of the most popular Pokémons from the series, thus making it a great gift option for any lover of the series. The Pokemon Funko Pop is one of the most requested toys by the fans of these collectible figures.

Personalized portrait

Personalized portraits are among the most popular lately, especially among fans of the series who want to have a version of themselves in the best Pokemon style and place them as decoration in a visible part of the house.


🧡💛 In case you are looking to give a personalized Pokemon style portrait as a gift, Get Cartoonizer is the way to go. Get your digital cartoon here, it is the first step to turn a photo into a personalized portrait. 🧡💛

Pokemon plush toys

This is one of the most popular gifts among couples. Stuffed animals have been so popular that several people who love the series want to have one to decorate a bedroom. When it comes to Pikachu, this option is a must on the list.

Pokemon pajamas

Pokémon pajamas are a great option for lovers of the series. Whether it's a pair of pants, a t-shirt or even an entire Pokémon pajama, this is another great alternative that surely your partner, family member or loved one who likes the series will absolutely adore.

Pokemon Clothing

Pokémon is also fashionable and if you are looking for something made for fans but still fashionable, you may consider this option. On the Internet, there is a wide variety of Pokémon clothing lines, which are excellent options for gifts: from caps and shirts, to bracelets and personalized or exclusive Pokémon sneakers. This shows you that this option becomes a great alternative when it comes to giving a gift to a fashionable fan of the series.

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