Portraits with Artificial Intelligence: 5 Apps (Like Lensa) to Create Yours Online

Portraits with artificial intelligence have become an exciting trend in the digital world. Thanks to image-generating applications that use Generative-AI technology, it is now possible to create stunning and realistic portraits with artificial intelligence online. In this article, we will explore five apps, including Lensa, Magic Avatars, DeepArt, Prisma, and Aristo, and also answer the most common questions on this topic.


Lensa is a leading application in the field of portraits with artificial intelligence. This image-generating app uses advanced algorithms to transform your photos into unique and realistic portraits. The generative-AI app offers a wide range of styles and effects to personalize your portraits. You can experiment with different settings and achieve astonishing results. Lensa offers a free version that provides access to basic features, and it also has a paid option to access additional functions.


Magic Avatars

Magic Avatars is another popular app for creating portraits with artificial intelligence. This app allows you to upload your photos and turn them into artistic and unique portraits. With a variety of styles and effects available, Magic Avatars can transform your images into digital works of art. This image-generating app is free and easy to use, making it an excellent choice for those who want to experiment with AI-generated portraits at no cost.


DeepArt is a powerful application that uses advanced artificial intelligence algorithms to create free 💛portraits with artificial intelligence.💛 You can choose from a wide variety of styles and effects, and the app will process your images to create unique and eye-catching portraits. DeepArt offers a free option that allows you to generate AI-powered portraits online, but it also has a paid version that unlocks additional features and higher resolution.


Prisma is another popular app that uses artificial intelligence to create artistic portraits from your photos. This app offers a wide selection of artistic styles inspired by famous artists and art movements. You can adjust the intensity of the effect and achieve personalized results. Prisma uses generative-AI as its engine for generating portraits and is available for free, but it also has a paid version that offers premium features and higher image resolution.


Aristo is a versatile application that uses artificial intelligence to create unique and artistic portraits. In addition to applying artistic effects to your photos, Aristo also allows you to experiment with editing tools and adjustments to further customize your portraits. This online app for creating portraits with artificial intelligence offers an intuitive interface and is free for basic use, though it also offers in-app purchase options to access advanced features.

Now, after exploring the top five apps for creating portraits with artificial intelligence, it's necessary to clarify some specifics of these image-generating services. Therefore, we will answer the most frequently asked questions about generative-AI apps below.

How should the photos be uploaded?

To achieve the best results when creating portraits with artificial intelligence, it's important to consider some factors when selecting the photos you'll upload to these applications:

  1. Clarity and Resolution: It's advisable to use clear and high-resolution photos. This ensures that the artificial intelligence can capture details and create more accurate portraits.
  2. 2. Proper Lighting: Good lighting is essential for high-quality portraits. Try to use well-lit photos and avoid strong shadows or overly intense light that may affect the appearance of the portrait.
  3. Correct Focus: Make sure the subject of the photo is well-focused. A sharp and focused image allows the artificial intelligence to capture details and create a more realistic portrait.

How to create portraits with artificial intelligence?

To create portraits with artificial intelligence online, simply follow these basic steps:

  1. Download one of the mentioned apps, such as Lensa, Magic Avatars, DeepArt, Prisma, or Aristo, on your mobile device or access them through their official websites.
  2. Select the "create portrait" or "generate portrait" option within the app.
  3. Upload the photo you want to convert into a portrait using the app's upload options.
  4. Apply available filters, effects, and adjustments to 💛personalize your portrait 💛according to your preferences. Each app offers different features, so you can experiment with various artistic styles.
  5. Once you're satisfied with the result, save the portrait to your device or share it on your favorite social media platforms.

Where can I create photos with artificial intelligence?

You can create photos with artificial intelligence using any of the mentioned applications. These apps are available for download on mobile device app stores, such as the App Store for iOS devices and the Google Play Store for Android devices. You can also access them through the official websites of the apps.

What is the name of the artificial intelligence app that creates images?

As mentioned earlier, there is a wide selection of image-generating apps for creating stunning portraits. While these AI-powered image creation apps may have different names, the most popular ones are Lensa, Magic Avatars, DeepArt, Prisma, and Aristo. These apps use advanced artificial intelligence algorithms to generate unique portraits and artistic effects from your photos.


In summary, ✨artificial intelligence portrait ✨applications like Lensa, Magic Avatars, DeepArt, Prisma, and Aristo offer the opportunity to transform your photos into artistic and personalized portraits. By uploading clear and high-resolution photos, applying desired adjustments and effects, and saving the portraits to your device, you can generate AI-powered portraits online with just a few clicks. Download these apps and explore your creativity to obtain unique and expressive portraits with the assistance of artificial intelligence.

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