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The Simpsons is an animated series created by the incredible mind of Matt Groening, narrating the life of a family from the small town of Springfield.Currently, there's a growing trend of people who want to see a picture of themselves in the style of The Simpsons. Simpsonize yourself with us and experience the yellow adventure.

How to Get a Free Simpsonized Image?

Nowadays, many people want to create their own Simpson avatar, some even add it to their resume or portfolio, either to draw attention or to reflect their dedication to the world of illustration.

All this hype began with a website called "Simpsonize," initially launched by Burger King®. It was easy, free, and quick to use. You only needed to upload your favorite photo, and it quickly turned it into a Simpson-style avatar. However, the website was closed when the fast-food promotion ended.


New Options to Get Your Customized Simpson

Knowing that the free option is no longer available and considering the quality of designs done by professionals, one of the best options on the market is to hire the services of a graphic designer.

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How We Create a Simpson Avatar Step by Step?

  1. We start by quickly sketching the proportions of the face.
  2. Once the sketch is done, regardless of whether the lines are uneven or not, we refine them to have well-defined and neat strokes.
  3. After the lines are done, there's only one step left: start painting the caricature, considering the skin tones and clothing colors.
  4. Finally, we add some subtle shadows to make the caricature stand out from the background, and voilà! Your Simpson-style caricature is ready.


Why Hazme Amarillo is the Best Option for Simpsonizing?

What stands out most in a caricature by Hazme Amarillo is the attention to detail, such as the ears, eyes, and other characteristics that this type of caricature uses. But the most important aspect of a Simpsonized caricature is its standout yellow color, which is associated with The Simpsons' style.

If you want to Simpsonize yourself without having to think about graphic design or learn new programs, we offer you the opportunity to visit our website, upload your image to Simpsonize, and pay a reasonable price for the service, depending on the number of people you want to transform into caricatures.

Visit our website to stay informed and make the purchase of your own Simpson-style caricatures.

In our store, you will find the following alternatives:

✔️ 1 to 6 people with a custom background.

✔️ 7 to 12 people with a custom background.

Once the steps are completed correctly and the payment is made, you can create your Simpson caricature; it's easier than you think, and the results will be excellent.

How to Simpsonize Myself on My Own?

There are several ways to create a Simpson caricature, with different styles, methods, and speed to obtain a good Simpson caricature. In this article, we will explain in more detail how to Simpsonize someone based on our knowledge and working methods.

As mentioned, although The Simpsons were originally entirely hand-drawn scene by scene, today, with technological advances, they are created digitally. This is one of the cleanest and fastest ways to work on this type of caricature, as it involves well-defined strokes with very geometric shapes. Thus, the best way to create a Simpson caricature online today is through digital media, such as a graphics tablet or an iPad. Programs like Photoshop, Illustrator, or Procreate can be used. I would dare to say that it could even be done using Paint, but it would be complicated, and the final result would not be as good.

I Want to Simpsonize My Photo Myself. What Programs Should I Use?

Believe it or not, we will now give you our magical recipe so you can obtain your Simpson photo. Why? Because we know we are the best, and taking this craft to a professional level will require a lot of work. Our service is to save you that effort, but if you want to do it yourself, we can't stop you.

Step 1

To create a Simpson caricature, we first make a quick sketch, taking into account the shape of the face, the placement of the eyes, nose, and ears, and adding the Simpson touch, such as their round, bulging eyes and "C"-shaped ears. A Simpson caricature is quite simple and doesn't have many details, except for its shadows.

Step 2

Once the final sketch is done (it doesn't matter if some shapes are not well-defined), we proceed to create clean, well-defined lines. This can be done using Illustrator with the "pen" tool (this method is easy and gives a very neat result) or by hand using a Photoshop brush, preferably with a graphics tablet. If you have an iPad, you can use Procreate (these methods are done entirely freehand, resulting in smooth lines and good precision). In this application, you can do the entire work in one place since it offers more extensive features and is better than other applications.

Step 3

Once we have well-defined lines, we start painting the caricature part by part: the clothes, hair, and face, until it is entirely painted. Once the drawing is fully colored, it could be considered finished, but to add more detail and make the figure stand out more, we can add some subtle shadows to the caricature's face, clothes, and hair. This will give the figure a better composition and make it stand out more against the background.

Once the shadows are added, our Simpson caricature is ready. Initially, the process might seem tedious and difficult, but with practice, you can improve and achieve excellent final results—it all depends on the effort you put into it.



Our goal is to spare you from learning how to use design programs so you can give a nice gift to your family. You can choose the background you like, the size, the number of people, and anything else you prefer. We will consider all of this once you entrust us with the task.

Our aim is to deliver the best caricature work possible, so you will come back whenever you want!

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