Simpsonmaker App: Turn yourself into a Simpson character! (2024)

It seems this trend never ends: everyone wants to create their own Simpson avatar. In 2024, many people are still looking for apps and web pages to create their own character with a Simpson style.

There are many options to do it, here we share one of the most used apps to simpsonize yourself: the simpson maker.

Simpson avatar creator

No matter the motives, even for working reasons -for those dedicated to illustration and animation- people do not doubt in getting, downloading or paying for their avatar. The Simpsons are always in vogue: for their memes, their predictions or for many other reasons.

simpson avatar maker

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Simpson maker free

Some of the apps you can use to create your own Simpson avatar are Dolltoon, The Simpsonmaker, Bitmoji, Avatoon, Autodesk Sketchbook, Picsart, etc. All of them are available for Android and Apple and for free. Some of them are in fact more useful or with more options to edit, and some others require much more time and patience to work.

dolltoon Simpson Photo Generator

In the case of Dolltoon or Bitmoji, for example, they are the quickest and easiest apps to edit your Simpson character, but the quality of their images are not the best. It lacks options of outfits, hairstyles or more parts of the body. 

Some other apps like Autodesk Sketchbook or Picsart are much better as regards the quality of the image of your avatar. But they are indeed much harder to manage. You will probably need a lot of time, patience and practice to get your own personalized cartoon of the yellow family.

Simpsonize me APK

The app of Dolltoon is also available to download as APK (Android Package). This alternative platform of Play Store in which you can download apps through files allows you even download the Premium Version of Dolltoon, which gives you a lot of more options to edit and improve your Simpson avatar.

If you want to get the Premium Version of Dolltoon, here we share the web pages of APKFab, APKsFULL and APK Support. They all are safe, for free and easy to manage.

What happened to Simpsonize Me?

The app “Simpsonize me” was launched as a big offer by the fast food house Burger King, exactly when The Simpson: the Movie (2007) came out. This app consisted in uploading a picture of you to the page and, automatically, it copied the same picture but with a Simpson style.

From this cartoon, you could edit it as much as you wanted: hairstyle, outfit, nose, eye color or eye shapes, whatever you considered it needed a change.

In fact, this app was a boom at that moment. But unfortunately, the webpage was closed once Burger King ended the offer. But the reality is that many people, even today, are still looking for different ways to get their own avatar.

The Simpsons Movie website

The Simpson: the Movie has had a very famous website during its first years, when the movie came out and became a global boom. It was also the time in which the internet was gaining more and more use. This meant a gaining of popularity for the app, the movie and the series: everyone wanted -and many people still want- their own portrait.

While people are still looking forward to a second movie of this yellow family, they still enjoy the series -both old and new episodes-, showing that this boom is endless.

As we already mentioned, the app “Simpsonize me”, to create your Simpson Avatar, was closed some time ago. But also the Official Web Page of The Simpsons: the Movie, was also closed some years ago.

This unfortunately meant that many people who could not get their avatar yet cannot achieve any other way to do so.

Simpsonmaker: new options to get your personalized cartoon

Simpson generator: turn your picture into a cartoon

As we already said, there are many options to get your own Avatar with a Simpson style. But you decide whether you want to take more of your time or not, or whether you prefer a high quality image or not. 

Get Cartoonizer is another option to simpsonize yourself. By only uploading a photo, giving your specifications about how you want your drawing and paying a fair price, you will get your own personalized cartoon of the most famous family of the TV. 

A group of professionals will be in charge of creating your cartoon, based on your picture and orders. One of the main advantages of this web page is the great quality of the final result. The final avatar will look original, modern and you can use it in any way.

Unlike other apps, Get Cartoonizer guarantees you a great quality for your avatar. You can turn a picture of you into a cartoon as well as a picture of your friend, your group of friends -up to 7 people-, your family, your pets, etc.

You see you have many options for this never-ending trend of getting cartoonize. You can decide whether you prioritize quality, ease to edit, or saving time.

Simpson Photo Generator Getcartoonizer

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