Solar Opposites: CARTOONS, characters and all its SEASONS

Solar Opposites cartoon stands out from the rest because of its satire, humor and light-hearted tone. Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon repeated the formula that gave the success to Rick and Morty. But now, in conjunction with Mike McMahan, he came up with a fresher approach.

Solar Opposites: a cartoon for adults that appeals to a balance between satire and light humor

In tune with other cartoons, Solar Opposites brings quite a bit of the zany, cynical and critical humor of animated cartoons such as Rick and Morty or Family Guy; however, Solar Opposites uses its humor in doses and intensities very similar to those of the Simpsons

In this case, we're looking at a sitcom that can be as daring as other current adult animated cartoons without the over-the-top boldness of Rick and Morty.

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Solar Opposites and Rick and Morty: Inspiration or replication?

Both series have a lot in common, and it couldn't be otherwise because Solar Opposites and Rick and Morty share the same writer: Justin Roiland. This is why the correspondences between the two series are so evident. 

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Roiland himself even voices the main characters of the two series. This shows the level of involvement he has with the series. However, there are marked differences in how he has approached each of this series.

Solar Opposites Review: another animated series riding the wave of Rick and Morty's popularity

Despite their fundamental similarities, Solar Opposites and Rick and Morty have marked distinctions in tone. In the face of the absurdity and nihilistic brashness of Rick and Morty, Solar Opposites offers a naiver and more ridiculous look, without leaving out the excessiveness of characteristic of the series.

Its story centers on a family of aliens who escaped the destruction of their home planet, Shlorp. All this gives rise to some very curious moments where the aliens become used to human customs while at the same time clashing with their contradictions.


The trailer of Solar Opposites gets across this kind of awkward humor perfectly: a ridiculousness that makes sense as it surrounds a set of aliens with no idea how human civilization works. 

Solar Opposites and Disney Plus: A complicated history

This series, originally created for Hulu (owned by Disney), was a perfect fit for the platform's adult audience. This suited Disney just fine, given its complicated history with all material that is not oriented towards children's audiences.

However, Disney + and Solar Opposites are now closer than ever as the streaming platform has begun to incorporate content beyond children's content in a specific section of its platform.

That's why Solar Opposites is on Disney Plus now. Don't expect to find Solar Opposites on Netflix, as it is, after all, exclusive content. 

Solar Opposites Characters: a cast from another world

The main characters in Solar Opposites are, of course, the Shlorp aliens: Korvo, a scientist; Terry, his romantic partner; their children/replicants, Jesse and Yumyulack; and a little pupa (or baby replicant).

In Solar Opposites, Korvo fills the same role as Rick Sanchez in Rick and Morty. He is a scientist who hates planet Earth and is suspicious of its inhabitants. Calculating and malicious, it could be said that there is no form of life on Earth that truly pleases him.

Terry is Korvo’s completely opposite: open, optimistic and friendly. Few characters are more cheerful in Solar Opposites than Terry. He is passionate about TV, money donations and dogs. He never misses an opportunity to show his affection to Korvo, who never responds positively.

Yumyulack is Korvo's replicant, and as such, has inherited most of his traits: from their appearance to their character. In his case, he has a more marked tendency towards cruelty. It does not care about hurting humans.

Jesse, on the other hand, is Terry's replicant, and has both her optimism and her good disposition towards humans; she loves to learn from their customs and ways of life. This is why he is constantly quarreling with Yumyulack. 

Despite the fights, these curious alien siblings look out for each other.

The late member of the family is the Pupa, a creature that may not be a great deal at first hand, but contains the entire history of the planet Shlorp in its genetic code. For practical purposes, Pupa is a biological terraforming machine, since on reaching maturity, it will devour the planet Earth and convert it into a new Shlorp with the information of its DNA.

At first glance he is a bit more than a dog or cat, but throughout the series he has given hints revealing he possesses a very refined intelligence.

Solar Opposites Episodes: Where to watch them?

All episodes of Solar Opposites are currently on Hulu and Disney Plus, which means that you will only need to be subscribed to one of these streaming platforms to enjoy Solar Opposites and its episodes.

Cartoon of Solar Opposites: Is it worth it?

The answer is a resounding yes. 

Although it lacks the witty and ultra-complicated plots of Rick and Morty, its sitcom format suits it just fine: its wacky characters embedded in such an everyday reality are a joke in itself, one that goes on and on. 

We can expect that Solar Opposites will continue to give people something to talk about, hinging on the fame of Rick and Morty. Its own fandom will keep on increasing owing to the characters that are not only colorful, but extremely interesting, funny and crazy.

The story has a lot of potential, and Disney + will certainly make the most of it, keeping Justin Roiland and Mike McMahan at the head of the series.
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