Turn your photo into a cartoon: 7 apps you want to use

How can I make my picture into a cartoon?

In 2020 and now in 2024, the trend is becoming a Simpson character. Lots of people today look for apps and web pages to get their own personalized avatar of the most popular series, which has been on TV for more than 30 years.

Dolltoon, the Simpsonmaker, Picsart, Bitmoji, Autodesk Sketchbook, Avatoon and Adobe Photoshop Express are some of the free apps for you to create an original Simpson cartoon.

Convert photo into cartoon: apps to discover

Thanks to the great amount of apps existing today, it seems quite easy to create a personalized avatar, especially with a Simpson style. Some apps result easier to use than others. The reason for this? Some apps mentioned above are in fact to create avatars and others, are to convert a picture of you into a Simpson cartoon.

Turn your photo into a cartoon: online apps for free

There are several apps to create an avatar. However, from the ones already mentioned, these are the ones that you can use especially to create Simpson avatars.


Dolltoon is one of the most recognized apps to create your own avatar in an animated version. This app is indeed quite easy to use. You only edit step by step the physical appearance of your character: the eyes, nose, mouth, hairstyle, outfit, etc. as you prefer. Easily and often quickly, you get your avatar ready to use it as you want.

This app is available for Android as well as iOS

Dolltoon was one of the most used apps to create avatars in 2019. In case you do not understand how to use it, do not worry. Here we share a short video explaining how to use the app.

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Bitmoji is an app quite similar to Dolltoon. But this one is a bit more “flexible”, as you can link this app to social media such as Snapchat or even download your avatar to use it as stickers on WhatsApp or Telegram.

It is really easy to use when creating and editing avatars, since there are different default characters that you can use as you like.

Besides, their characters are a bit more modern than the Dolltoon ones. You can choose outfits you like the most and, of course, facial aspects such as eyes, mouth, hairstyle, ears, etc. Your Simpson avatar will look much more modern with this app.

This app is available for Android as well as iOS.


This is one of the alternatives accesibles to create an avatar. Similar to Bitmoji and Dolltoon, this is an app with lots of outfits -even more than the two apps already mentioned-. Another similarity with Bitmoji is that you can download your avatar and use it as a sticker in your WhatsApp chats.

Avatoon is available for the two main operating systems of Apple on the App Store Apple and on the Play Store of Google.

Simpsonize me

The web page of Simpsonize me was extremely popular when the movie The Simpsons (2007). Launched by Burger King, it was the very first web page to create personalized avatars with a Simpson style. Many people are still looking for this page. However, Simpsonize me is no longer available.

The Simpsomaker

Unlike the rest of the apps, the Simpsonmaker is a flash game of the famous series, in which you can find game pages like minigames.com. There you can look for the game to create your personalized avatar with the style of the yellow family and enjoy it as much as you want.

Convert picture into cartoon online: more apps to edit

Different from the apps mentioned above, with these apps you can also turn yourself into a Simpson character through a picture you like the most. We must mention this: the result is quite different from an avatar made by Dolltoon, for example. 

On the following apps, you should edit by yourself your own pictures to convert them as similar as a Simpson character. In fact, this would probably take you more time compared with the other apps. However, the result -by far- is worth it.


This app is quite recognized for many people as one of the best apps to edit pictures, due to their excellent quality as well as for the great amount of options to edit, as people’s desires, necessities and likes.

This is why this app is actually a great tool and one of the most used to convert yourself into a Simpson character during the past years. You should be patient enough to be able to edit your picture properly, to get a great Simpson cartoon. But once you learn how to use it by taking advantage of all its options, we guarantee you will enjoy it a lot.

Here we share a video explaining how to convert pictures into Simpson characters. The app is available for both App Store and Play Store.

Autodesk Sketchbook

Convert yourself into a Simpson character free with this app. Autodesk Sketchbook is another app you can use to do so. It is quite used by designers, due to the high quality jobs one can do with this great too. You can also create your own yellow avatar with a bit of creativity and patience. If you are a bit talented and persistent, much better for you.

You can download this app from the official webpage of Autodesk Sketchbook. Something quite good and useful about this app is that you can use it on your computer as well as your tablet and phone. This makes this app much more flexible to use.

Adobe Photoshop Express

Simpsonize yourself with this app! Adobe Photoshop is globally recognized and used. In this app, you can get a picture edition as quick and similar as Picsart. It is in fact an excellent app, but it actually takes more time for you to turn a picture into a cartoon, unless you get experience doing this with this app.

You can find it available on the official webpage of Adobe and also it is available for Android on its Play Store and App Store of Apple.

Cartoon picture apps for iPhone 

A very good advantage of all these apps is that all of them are available for Apple. Dolltoon, Bitmoji, Autodesk Sketchbook, etc. are ready to download on the App Store on your iPhone.

Photo to cartoon: apps for Android

If you have a phone with an Android operating system, you can also get these apps! Enter to your Play Store to download Dolltoon, Avatoon, Picsart, or whatever app you want.

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