Turned Yellow: Don’t pay too much to get your Simpson Avatar!

Nothing is more striking and fun in this visual world than a photograph, but not just any photograph, it must be one that can be transformed into, for example, a Simpson character. For this, countless applications and websites have been created, such as Simpsonizeme.

Through these websites, it was possible to convert your photo into a fun cartoon of a famous Springfield character.

Simpsonizeme had its moment of glory -although it did not last long- until other brands began to imitate and perfect the service.

After the COVID-19 pandemic, awareness-raising publications that featured famous people drawn in the Simpsons format became viral.

Turned Yellow Simpsons free

Technology adapts to the needs of consumers. Today there does not exist one single app to provide a service or a website to buy a product, but there are thousands of competitors on the internet "fighting" to be the first ones on the digital market and, when it comes to entertainment, the position is very difficult to win.

There are millions of Simpson fans around the world who at some point in their lives have wondered what it would be like to be part of the great series. "How would I look personified in yellow?" These questions were answered since the launch of the "Simpsonize Me" website, where it was possible to create your avatar.

Also, some free apps and software appeared on the internet and can be used as "simpsonmakers". These have already begun to compete with the paid websites. 

However, following this sense, it was almost impossible for these new apps to compete because although one could get a cartoon for free, the risk was the "quality" and veracity of those sites, which were frequently null.

Turned Yellow VS Simpsonize me

Simpson generators such as Simpsonizeme were some of the apps that turned you into a yellow Simpsons character for free. They were paid by marketing campaigns.

You had to be careful, though: if you did not like the result of your cartoon, there was no way to make it up. Bear in mind that you could not add clothes to your preference or any particular detail. With all these disadvantages, these apps were widely used at their given moment.

Today they have been left behind and do not continue to perform stable operations, but Get Cartoonizer came up to make you a yellow character.

In Get Cartoonizer you can obtain a caricature either in full body or only shoulders. Even more, your portrait can also be with the same clothing as the picture you sent or some other image of your liking, with all kinds of details: rings, tattoos, piercings, particular gestures, or whatever you like. 

Turned Yellow Examples: Why are these cartoons so expensive?

We are not the only ones making personalized Simpson characters. Throughout the internet, you can find different brands and people doing the same job. But what stands out from us is the cost of our services: our competitors have more expensive prices than us on doing the very product.

In our case, the GetCartoonizer.com website has graphic artists who work on design platforms to create high-quality pieces, many times, becoming a wonderful decoration object or an excellent gift for a family member and/or friends.

The work scheme in Get Cartoonizer is very simple, you have to send the image you want to convert into a cartoon and our designers work on it through three simple steps.

Firstly, they make a drawing, as a sketch, from the image you sent. Secondly, It is digitally colored, adding a background to create a more realistic effect on the piece. Finally, the cartoon is sent to the email previously provided.

In case the final design is not to the user's liking, we have the free revision service, in which the necessary adjustments will be made because we care about the opinion and happiness of all our clients.

It is important to clarify that the designs can be composed of up to three people and it is possible to choose between seven different backgrounds such as white background, custom, sofa gag, lake and forest, house, beach, and Springfield.

This work scheme not only streamlines the high demand for orders but also provides customization and quality to each of them.

Turned Yellow Pricing

At Get Cartoonizer, we have a large volume of orders that is closely related to our price and quality. Both factors are our great competitive advantages since we provide an excellent product at an unbeatable price.

Within the market, there are many competitors, who offer the same service but the price is much higher, which does not mean that the quality of it is also higher. Some of them are Yellow World, Make Me Yellow, Turned Yellow and Yellow Mode.

If we take a person in the photograph as an order reference, full-length on a beach background, prices range from U$D50 to U$D70, while in Get Cartoonizer it would cost U$D35.


Turned Yellow Store

For example, 1 person full-body custom bottom costs:

  • BecomeYellow (Spain) U$D88.40
  • Turned Yellow (USA) U$D55
  • YellowMode (Spain) U$D78

The quality is not superior to ours. On the contrary, many of our clients have already bought the cartoons from other sites and were not completely satisfied with the before and after of their yellow transformations of the Simpsons.

Turned Yellow: Before and After

The process to cartoonize your picture is quite similar to ours: you have to send an image and a professional cartoonist will take all the details to make your Simpson portrait. 

In Turned Yellow as well as Get Cartoonizer you can send all the details you want during the process of drawing and cartooning. 

Turned Yellow Reviews

According to web pages or blogs like Reddit, Turned Yellow has received some negative commentaries and reviews. They basically took much more time than expected to deliver the final product: on their webpage, they mention it takes between 3 to 5 working days to make the portrait and send it to the email. 

However, several customers have complained as they took even a month to deliver the cartoon. 

In the case of GetCartoonizer, the professional designer takes approximately 5 to 7 working days to receive your picture, making the sketch and drawing digitally, as well as adding details, among other things.

Why should you choose Get Cartoonizer?

The objective of the cartoons is to try to reflect reality but from an artistic and fun point of view. Taking care of every detail and highlighting certain physical aspects that make each person unique.

In Get Cartoonizer, we try to focus on each aspect and characteristic of our clients, always focusing on the faithful yellow color of the Simpsons.

To imitate perfectly the physiognomy of our users, we have techniques, such as hand drawing, a detailed measure of the characters, etc. Things that designers do, using graphic platforms.

The confidence of our projects is unsurpassed. So much so, that several platforms from countries such as Spain, Mexico, and Argentina have published some of our cartoons, going viral all over the digital world.

Enter the yellow world now! 💛

In GetCartoonizer.com, we already have an internal work system that allows us to absorb a greater volume of orders. We count on important engineering behind each order that ensures that we will not make mistakes with the images received or confuse the orders. Moreover, it allows each yellow cartoon to be turned while maintaining the copyright of each designer.

This is how our order correction rate is very low and we can simply dedicate ourselves to new orders.

In our store you will find the following prices:

1 to 2 people with custom fund from U$D15

3 to 5 people with custom fund from U$D45

6 to 7 people with custom fund from U$D75

The Simpsons stand out for their characteristic yellow color. But it does not end there, to make a high-quality Simpsons avatar, the most important thing is to take into account the features of the person's face. If the references of the face are taken badly, it will not be similar to an avatar. That is where we are the most careful.

Turned Yellow Discount Code

In pages such as Turned Yellow as well as Get Cartoonizer, you can get up to 15% of discount in your final product by presenting some codes. In our page, GetCartoonizer.com, you can save up to 15% with the code BART2021. On Turned Yellow you can get the same discount by logging in and subscribing to their Messenger group. These are only limited-time offers.

Enter the yellow world now! 💛