Rick and Morty cartoon yourself: Get your personalized cartoon now!

Turn yourself into a Rick and Morty Character

Since the first chapter on TV, this animated series was one of the absolute favourite cartoons among the +16 teens and adults. It has been and keeps being quite popular, especially these last years. Season after season, this series gained so much popularity that many people do want to get their own personalized cartoon with this style.

Here we explain to you which are the most suitable alternatives to get your cartoon and how to do it step by step.

Rick and Morty cartoon yourself: online character creator

There are several ways to get your own portrait: from different apps to hire a cartoonist to do it on a sheet of paper. However, the most used (and the most convenient) way to do it nowadays is getting the cartoon by webpages offering design services to draw personalized cartoons.

It is worthy to mention that in 2020 and now in 2021, cartoonists in general innovated their way to work: they improve by far their skills and way to work in digital platforms, as many people have been working during these pandemic times.

Turn yourself into a Rick and Morty character: apps to design

As you may know, there are several web pages and apps that do this kind of work and design. Here we show you the best options to do so. Depending on your country, it may be that some apps are more suitable than others, due to the fact that some methods of payments may have more charges than others.

We do recommend you to analyze them carefully to see which app is the most convenient for you:


Retratoon is a great option to do your personalized cartoon of this world-famous series. It is a web page dedicated to making personalized cartoons in a digital format. 

The method to order is quite simple: you upload the picture you want to cartoonize, write down any specification for your portrait (colouring of clothes, hair, etc.) and an email in which the cartoonist will send your order once finished. And that is all!

The order is sent to your email within the following 8 working days from the moment you pay.

There are several payment methods for you: Mastercard, Visa, American Express, etc.


Etsy is an e-commerce web page where you can find out lots of cartoon designs, and of course Rick and Morty portraits. As there is a great variety of options to hire, we recommend you to check out carefully which is the most economic option for you to save money (and save you some troubles)

The only disadvantage from Etsy is the use of the Euro (€) as the main currency of purchase. It may not be the best option if you are currently living in a Latinoamerican country or in the States, as you could find out cheaper alternatives.


Another web page to get your Rick and Morty cartoon, quite famous for its quality and quickness to purchase, is Amazon. Here you can find professional and skilled digital designers offering their services, in a similar way as Etsy or Mercado Libre in Latinamerica. 

We strongly advise that, if you decide this option to order your cartoon, you better check out in detail and cautiously the quality and rates to save money. As Amazon is globally recognized and millions of people visit the page daily, there are lots of options that you may miss if you do not pay attention to them.

Draw it by yourself

If you rather draw it on your own, you can watch different YouTube videos or blogs. It is not difficult at all, but it requires a lot of patience and practice.

We recommend you first draw the original characters of the series. You will get familiar with them as you learn how to draw their faces, bodies, and details. Later on, it will be much easier for you to draw yourself or to make a personalized cartoon on your own.

Another YouTube channel we could recommend you is Cartooning Club How to Draw to start designing Rick and Morty characters by yourself. In this channel you will also get cartoon styles and drawings of Phineas and Ferb, Among Us, video game characters such as Mario Bros., among many others. It is indeed an excellent way to start drawing easily.

Rick and Morty Cartoon me

Retratoon means a very good option to get your Rick and Morty personalized picture. With just a few steps like uploading your photo to cartoonize, giving your specification about how you want your cartoon and the payment, you will get your digital cartoon with a Rick and Morty style.

One of the main advantages of this page is the great quality of the images: a group of professionals will be specially dedicated in sketching, redrawing and painting your avatar, but paying great attention to the details: shadows, background, the size and shape of the characters, etc.

Also, with this app you can cartoonize in a Rick and Morty style not only for your, but your best friend or groups of friends, your partner, your relatives or whoever you want. It works excellent as a present.

To check out the rates (click here).

Rick and Morty yourself: avatar generator

As we already said, there are many possibilities to get your own cartoon: apps, web sites or professionals dedicated to this. 

Here we share with you another app that you may find interesting to use: Dolltoon.

Turn yourself into Rick and Morty character free

Dolltoon is a well-known wpp used especially for the creation of original as well as animated series characters. It is very easy to use indeed, it counts with a great number of default characters and some backgrounds to edit. 

Being the ease and quickness to use the great advantage of Dolltoon, it also has a series of disadvantages: the quality of the avatars may not be satisfactory for you, your avatar would only have one static position in the picture and cannot be moved from there. So it is quite static.

Check out here to get your personalized Rick and Morty avatar. With a great quality, for you, your friends or family.