5 Proven Options to Turn a Photo into Anime 2023 [PC and iOS]

If you are looking to transform a photo into an anime on PC and iOS, you are in the right place. On the Internet there are plenty of applications and platforms that will help you do it, such as GetCartoonizer or PhotoCartoon. Online alternatives aren’t scarce and you can use them on your PC, Android or iOS.

In this post we will show you some of these tools to transform your photos into images of legendary anime series like Naruto or Dragon Ball.

Avatar Dragon Ball

Transform a photo into an anime picture on a PC: The best way to do it

If what you are looking for is a tool to transform photos to anime pictures on your PC, you have two alternatives: online platforms that provide this service and apps that you can download and install on your computer and use them without Internet connection.

Of the dozens of options you could get on the Internet, these three are some of the best; not only for the superior aesthetic finish, but for the flexibility they provide.

Image Cartoonizer

Image Cartoonizer is a great PC app that will allow you to transform photos into anime pictures the easiest way, from your PC and without Internet connection. 

It has more than 100 different effects for you to find the style you are looking for. It shows you the final results in real time, so you can at all times see how well your photo is looking with an anime aesthetic.


With BeFunky you can transform photos into anime pictures without downloading any application: you just need to go to their website and then upload the photo you want to edit online.

It includes dozens of different options, filters and effects, and it allows you to easily set these options the way you like. 

It’s a great option for standard use.

Get Cartoonizer

Get Cartoonizer is a web platform designed to transform all your photographs into anime pictures online. The big difference between this and other platforms is that Get Cartoonizer offers a much more complete service. The site takes care of all the editing and transformation of the photo, so as to make it as faithful as possible to the aesthetics of the anime you are looking for.

The best online and personalized cartoons

And while this service isn’t free, the results are second to none. Get to know how this amazing site works by clicking here.

App to transform photos into anime pictures

Android has a huge range of apps dedicated to transforming photos into anime pictures. Some of them are really good both for their versatility and accessibility. 

These are three of the best.

Twin Face

With over 1 million downloads, Twin Face is one of the most used photo to anime transformation apps. It allows you to transform a selfie into a portrait in the best anime style in a simple and intuitive way. 

You can also use it to transform a photo of a family member or friend into an anime character.


ToonMe is one of the best apps for transforming photos into anime pictures and it can not only transform your selfies into cartoons and anime pictures with many different styles; but it can work full body cartoons and entire photos.

Its versatility is one of its greatest advantages, but it is in the quality of the vectorizations and final images where ToonMe really stands out. 

It is far above other applications as it offers a finish look that very few can match for free.

App to transform photos into anime pictures on iOS

If what you want is an app to transform photos into anime pictures on iOS, you also have great options

Clip2Comic Caricatura & Avatar

This is an app to transform photos to anime pictures on iOS. It is very versatile allowing you to select your favorite aesthetic to be applied on your photo. Also, it allows you to take it all further and add effects, colors and finishes much more personalized.

More than a simple converter, the app functions as an editing suite with many options. His specialty, of course, is anime or comic book style avatars. 

Cartoon me — Cute Face Filters

If you just want to add fun anime-style filters to your photos, Cartoon Me will be great for you. It is a recent application, with fairly simple functionalities, ideal for standard use, just to produce fun pictures.

As you can see, there are a handful of options to transform photos into anime pictures, whether on iOS, Android or PC. 

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