How to create virtual characters? The best 3D and ONLINE alternatives

Creating virtual characters has become a true passion. From Instagram to Facebook, millions of people around the world do it more and more frequently. If you too are looking for a way to join in the fun and create your own virtual characters, this post is for you. 

Creating virtual characters using Android and iOS apps

To create virtual characters from your smart device, whether Android or iOS, you will need an app. Fortunately, each of these operating systems has dozens of applications that carry out this job. These are three of the main ones:


Memoji is an iOS app that has already earned quite a reputation on the Internet thanks to the millions of users who use it. 

With this app iOS, users can create fun digital avatars; or test their creativity by making digital characters with a huge range of features, facial features, colors and effects.


The best of all is that memojis can be turned into stickers that you can use in your chats and even real-time face filters for video calls.

If it sounds like fun, that's because it is, and Apple has made sure of it.

Toontastic 3D

Toontastic 3D is an Android app that does much more than creating digital characters, it allows you to create a whole story with these characters and animate them completely.

You can choose from dozens of predefined characters or create your own using different tools within the app. Also, you can design a soundtrack, create videos with your characters in them and then download them to share them with whomever you want.

More than an app to create characters, it is a whole suite dedicated to this. 

Create online characters using web platforms

When it comes to creating characters online, there are hundreds of platforms on the Internet that allow you to do so.

These are two of the most attractive and versatile options:


Animaker is a paid-for online platform (but with a free version) that allows you to create characters online in a simple and very intuitive way. 

It has many templates, designed by real professionals; it has one of the largest repositories of videos and animations on the Internet and it is built entirely in HTML 5, so the site works quite fast.

It gives you the possibility to create animations and synchronize the movement of your characters' lips with your voice. It also features an interesting Smart move system that facilitates the design and placement of animations and movement in the video.

With all that it includes and allows you to do, Animaker is one of the most solid options you could get for creating online characters and making animations with them.


Renderforest is another great web platform for creating 3D characters, creating full body avatars and animating everything with the best effects.

With Renderforest you can do a lot of things, from creating static presentations, to animations and videos with dozens of effects and a great 3D finish. 

Its repositories have animations, icons, drawings and templates of all kinds.

Although it is a very complete suite for creating videos and animations, using it is not complicated at all. 

However, the app focuses on a cartoon finish. If you're looking to create realistic online characters, you may be better off considering other options. 

Ready Player Me

Now that the metaverse is closer than ever, everyone wants to create a full-body avatar. Ready Player Me allows you to do all this and more.

Full body avatars

In fact, the sole purpose of Ready Player Me is to create realistic online characters so that players can have an identity in the metaverse, within any video game. 

Using it is very simple: just take a selfie, upload it and let the platform transform your face automatically. Then you will only have to choose specific features for your avatar, modify colors, clothes and effects. 

At the end of the process of creating your realistic online character you will be able to export it to dozens of formats and link it to hundreds of apps.

Create anime characters: The best alternatives

As far as anime is concerned, you can create anime characters with no problem using some of the many great tools on the Internet. 


ToonMe is an Android app that lets you create realistic anime characters, create 3D anime characters and much more.

It is one of the best and most versatile apps of them all, as evidenced by the fact that it already has more than 10 million downloads worldwide.


Get personalized cartoons

If you're looking to create professional-level anime characters, then Retratoon is the web platform for you. You will only need to upload a photo of yourself and the website will develop your anime character in full and superior quality.

Create game characters: Fun and customization in equal measure

But if what you want is to have fun with anime character generator game, here you will find two great options:


DollToon is an app with which you can create your own Simpsons character; from editing their features, adding special effects, to changing the background and much more.

Then you can even use these characters as stickers, memes and emojis.

Mega Anime Creator

Mega Anime Creator is a game to create online characters. With it, you can design your anime character, choose the type of clothes, hair, color, and even the accessories it will use. 

It is very entertaining for those who dream of creating their own personalized avatar and want to play with the combinations in the most creative ways.

When it comes to creating virtual characters, there are plenty of options, and all, or almost all, are totally free. So, venture out and start putting your creativity to the test with funny, witty or just cool characters.
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