Top 5 apps to create Custom AVATARS: Animated, with movement and voice 2023

If what you are looking for is to create a custom avatar to freshen your profiles on social media or show how much you are passionate about anime or cartoon style, you are in the right place.

The following apps and other options have everything you could be looking for. whether you want an artistic and realistic representation of yourself or a more cartooned and funnier one. 

Create anime avatars: apps to do it for free

The anime aesthetic is one of the most sought after today, especially with the rise of this type of animation in the world. If you are wondering "How can I create an avatar of myself? That it also looks like an anime character, we have two applications for you.

1. FaceQ

Unlike other apps, FaceQ does not scan your face in real time or transform photos into cartoon images. In FaceQ you are in charge of creating cartoon avatars choosing from a wide gallery of faces, facial features and expressions. 

What sets it apart from other apps is the level of customization it offers and its clear anime focus. So, if you are looking to create a full body anime avatar, this could be one of the perfect options for you.

After designing your avatar, you can download the image and use it in your profile pictures, and even as an emoji to boost up a chat in a more personal way.

2. ToonMe

ToonMe is another powerful application with which you can create cartoon or anime-style avatars. It has an incredible selection of effects, faces, filters and styles, which are not limited to anime or cartoons. 

ToonMe goes much further and offers the possibility of transforming your photos into artistic portraits full of colors and creating a realistic avatar with filters and retouches that make it stand out wherever it is.


When it comes to cartooning or creating digital avatars, this is one of the most versatile and functional apps. This app also includes the option to create a full body anime avatar, for which you only need a photo.

ToonMe uses artificial intelligence to perform the vectorization process of the photos, thus it renders very accurate results. 

Make your own avatar online for free on web platforms

As you won't always be on your phone or you simply don’t want to install an extra app to be able to create your own online avatar for free, by far, online platforms are the best option.

3. Get Cartoonizer

Get Cartoonizer is one of the best platforms to create free custom avatar full body. The great appeal of Get Cartoonizer is that it does not rely entirely on AI, or a selection system to customize your avatar; it is an online platform that provides the service of vectorization and cartooning. 

All this means that you can carry out much more precise and creative transformations. 

It also allows you to choose the style of your photo adaptation, from anime like Naruto or Dragon Ball, to cartoons like Rick and Morty and The Simpsons.

You can upload the photos to make your Simpson cartoon on by clicking here. 💛💛

Creating a free custom avatar on PC is very simple with Get Cartoonizer, and although the service has its price, the results are top notch. 

Other apps to create an anime avatar with alternative styles

In case you choose for more alternative styles and you dream of creating a chibi avatar with a tool that cartoon photos with this particular form of drawing, there is an app that does it perfectly.

4. SuperMe - Cartoon Avatar Maker

SuperMe is an anime avatar creator specialized in creating chibi-style avatars. 

With SuperMe you can create chibi avatars that look just like the main character of your favorite anime or that share some of their traits. But it is in the customization level where this app stands out: with dozens of different options, you can adjust the clothes your avatar wears, his face, his features, his hair and even his gestures.

It allows you to create your avatar on a transparent or customized background and share it with your family and friends via email or social media.

An app so popular that it has already been downloaded more than 10 million times, and with its results it couldn't be otherwise.

Create kawaii avatars

And just as chibi has its quintessential app, there are also apps that let you create a kawaii avatar from the comfort of your phone and with a good handful of nifty options.

Of all the apps available, Avatar Anime Studio is one of the best you could get.

Kawaii Avatars

5. Avatar Anime Studio

Avatar Anime Studio is an app that can function as a random anime character generator, but it also allows you to create a custom kawaii avatar. 

You will be able to choose from a wide range of facial features, backgrounds, accessories and expressions. 

Custom Avatars made by professional designers

If what you are looking for is a personalized avatar in the best anime style, or with the aesthetics of your favorite cartoon, there are all kinds of options: websites, platforms that offer the service of avatar creation and even free apps. 

And while each of the apps in this top 5 are the best of the best when it comes to digital avatar creation, GetCartoonizer stands out as one of the strongest options. It offers many different styles, customization and professional work with superior results, at a low price.

It has many pros and very few cons; however, if want to simpsonize yourself try GetCartoonizer's services also if you want to become another character in the world of your favorite series. Just start clicking here. 💛💛

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