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ᐅOnline cartoon course: All about online ARTISTIC DRAWING online

Whether we draw in pencil or on graphics tablets, there are certain drawing techniques that are fundamental to becoming a professional cartoonist. By taking the right online cartoon course you can get fast results to enter the labor market. Hazme Amarillo Academy is the best online drawing course if you want to dedicate yourself to graphic design professionally and make a living from it.

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ᐅOne Piece: Personalized Portrait, Gifts and Anime Apps

One Piece, Eiichiro Oda's masterpiece, is as big as the success it enjoys. The anime has over 990 episodes and the manga has a whopping 100 volumes. Its fans are quite numerous and many of them are dying to have a personalized One Piece portrait that makes them look like another member of Luffy and friends' crew.

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SEINEN vs SHONEN style anime: Meaning, examples and TOP 10

Clashes like Seinen vs Shonen or Seinen vs Josei are a frequent thing, and after all it makes sense: who doesn't want to know how popular or accepted their favorite subgenre is within the anime world? If you are also interested to know which is the best one, you are in luck. In this post, we are going to find out.

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